Twin River Caught U By Surpryz

Born:  05/24/2013

          SS:  *B Wingwood Farm Blue Archetype

Sire:  *B Wingwood Farm Blue Taladega

          SD:  SGCH Wingwood Farm Playtime Teasel 10*M (EX90)

          DS:  *B Kastdemur's AM Mojito

Dam:  Blissberry Caught U Lookin 6*M

          DD:  GCH Blissberry Catch Me If You Can 5*M (EX92)

Linear Appraisal:

2-03  VG87 (VVVV)

3-02  VG89 (VEVE)​


​1-10 275 1760m 3.9%f 3.7%p

2-09 305 2980m 3.7%f 3.6%p

Shadow Vale Farm

We couldn't be more pleased with Surpryz. We feel she is exactly where she needs to be in her stage of development as a first freshening two year old doe:  not too large and over done, but just balanced, feminine, elegant, and extremely correct.  So much potential to grow into!

Starting with a beautiful breed character, Surpryz really excels in general appearance.  She is high headed, long necked, uphill, and so smoothly blended in the front.  He rump is long and wide and level for her age, and her feet and legs are sound and correctly set beneath her.  I particularly like the set and angle of her rear legs.  In body capacity, Surpryz is long bodied, with fullness at the heart and elbow, nice depth of rear barrel for her age, and has good extension of brisket as well.

Surpryz exudes dairy strength, with length and flatness of bone.  She's open, angular, and lean, with a gorgeous silky hide and lovely udder texture.

Speaking of udder, it is beautiful!  High and wide andarched in the rear, with lovely extension and fullness of fore udder.  The medial is tight and well defined, and the overall area of attachment is incredibly strong.  Such a beautiful young, productive udder.