Shadow Vale Farm



- 5x GCH

- 4 x RGCH

- 1 x Best in Show

- 2 x Best Udder in Show

- 3rd/1st udder, Aged Doe, ADGA National

Shelly did everything we could have asked her to do this year...she gave us beautiful twin does, finished her championship, placed 3rd, with 1st udder, at the ADGA National show, and then went on to appraise EX91!

We love the size and scale of this doe, and the incredible strength of feet and legs, especially as a 7th freshening 7 year old...up on all four pasterns, tight toed, and deep heeled.  Shelly is easily the tallest doe in the entire herd, and has such a long, elegant, lean neck, that blends smoothly into her withers, which in turn blends nicely into her shoulders.  Shelly has tremendous depth of barrel and spring of rib.

Her mammary system is also a standout, once again impressing us with it's shape and balance and productivity for her age and number of freshenings.  With two Best Udder in Show wins this year, as well as being in contention for Best Udder at the National Show, judges and breeders alike can not help but be taken by the incredible height and width of rear udder, and how smoothly it blends into the escutcheon, with strong side and lateral attachments.  The fore udder does not lack, for it is wide and smoothly attached as well.  A strong, well defined medial, and nicely shaped teats that are placed well beneath the udder round out the lovely mammary.

Progeny in the herd:




GCH The Kjelde's Shelly 1*M

Born:  4/3/08

          SS:  ++*B Briarwind Tangier

S:  *B des Ruhigestelle T.E.

          SD:  SG des Ruhigestelle Equina 8*M

          DS:  *B Washoe-Zephyr Port Salut

D:  White-Haven Olivia

          DD:  SGCH des Ruhigestelle Winning Time 3*M

Linear Appraisal

2015:  EX91 (EEEE)


5-11 288 3030 4.0%f 2.9%p

6-10 251 2370m 81f 74p (in progress)