Shadow Vale Farm

Glory - rear view

Linear Appraisal:

6-05  VG87  V+EE


​6-02 138  1130m 38f 40p (in progress)

Show Record:


- 17th 5&6 year old, ADGA National

- 4th with 1st udder, Oregon State Fair 

- 2 x 1st

- 1 x Grand Champion

- 1 x Reserve Grand Champion

Dam:  Glimmer

*photo courtesy of Shammys*

We feel so very fortunate to have our very own daughter of Tuscon, who has to date, 5 daughters who have appraised EX90-91!  Glory, my beloved little "Marshmallow Goat", is the picture of balance, femininity, strength...and cuteness!  She really excels in all areas of the ADGA scorecard.  In general appearance she is level over the topline, with ideal width and flatness of rump, she has excellent feet and legs and is very smoothly blended throughout.  Glory has tremendous width throughout, with a very impressive chest floor and extension of brisket, and great spring of rib.

Glory's udder is among the very best in the entire herd.  She's got a strong overall area of attachment, with a high, snug rear and fore udder.  Her medial is strong and well defined, and as such, her teats are near ideal and placed beautifully under the udder floor.

Glory's dam, Glimmer, was a tremdously dairy doe, large framed and milky...and it's no surprise, as her sire, Sting, also sired the famous SG ++*B Kastdemur's Tach Lach, who has been recognized and celebrated, being National Premier Sire in 2009 & 2012.  

Progeny in the Herd:




Shammys TU Glory

Born: 3/31/09

          SS:  GCH ++*B Becca's Hemingway (EX90)

S:  SGCH ++*B Becca's Tuscon

          SD: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tuzla 1*M

          DS:  ++*B Kastdemur's Sting

D:  Shammys Sting Glimmer (EX90)

          DD:  Shammys LIX Gossamer