- 8 x 1st, 2 x 2nd

- 1st/1st udder, District VII Lamancha Specialty

- 1st/1st udder, Oregon State Fair

- 1st/1st udder, Washington State Fair

- 2 x RGCH

- 18th place 2 year old, ADGA National

​​I know we're not supposed to pick "favorites", but I have to admit, Bali is a favorite.  Not only is she beautiful to look at and a hard worker, but she is a dream to work with as sweet, calm, and willing to please.

Bali matured at just the right pace, transitioning from a flashy correct yearling, to a doe with depth, width and that overall balance and symmetry of parts we all desire to attain in our animals.  Bali exemplifies dairy strength, being long necked, with an open, well angled, flat bone pattern throughout.  She has a silky skin texture as well.  In general appearance, Bali is strong and level over the back and rump, with correct set and strength to her feet and legs.  In body capacity she is wide, deep barreled and well sprung in the ribs.  Perhaps her most outstanding attribute is her mammary system.  It has a beautiful shape and balance, with a great deal of capacity and area of attachment, both fore and rear.  Near ideal teats are placed well beneath the udder.  Did I mention this girl works too?  With a high test of 14.2 pounds, she is always among the highest testers in the herd (even among the Saanens), and has a consistency that I really admire, all the while being a regular member of the show string.

Bali's 2015 show season has seen many accolades, including placing 1st in a class of 16 at the very competitive District 7 Lamancha Speacialty show.  She was 18th place at the National, then went on to pick up her first Reserve Grand Champion win (behind herd mate Glory), and was 1st/1st udder in her age class at the OR State Fair, as well as the Washington State Fair.

Linear Appraisal:

2-06  EX90  EEVE


1-01  305  1830 3.5%f 3.34%p

2-00 231 2090m 68f 71p (in progress)

RDR Teramo's Bali

Born:  2/26/13

          SS:  GCH +B Becca's Allen

S:  CH *B RDR Tuscan Teramo

          SD:  GCH Becca's Tuscany *M

          DS:  *B Shammy's Bad Media Frenzy AI

D:  RDR Frenzy's Jamaica

          DD:  GCH Moonshine-Ridge Jumoke 1*M (EX91)

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