Barnowl Ambroise (VG88) 
Born:  04/04/14

          SS:  *B Kastdemur's On Second Thought
S:  *B Alder*Rose Chinook
          SD:  SGCH Alder*Rose Evengi Yoda *M

           DS:  GCH +*B Tempo Yagudin
D:  GCH Barnowl Deese de l'Amour (EX91)
          DD:  Barnowl Aphrodite

I absolutely love this young buck!  He is everything general appearance should be...stylish, smoothly blended, uphill, long and level, with great feet and legs.  He has incredible width between the hocks and beautiful set and angle to the rear legs when viewed from the side too.

Ambroise has great body capacity for his age and frame, with a great deal of depth and spring of rib.  He is sharp, open and angular, with great flatness of bone, lean neck, and a high, wide, open escutcheon.

We used this young man heavily last fall, and are very, very pleased with his first kids.  They are uniformly long bodied, open ribbed, and possess his same strong, wide rear leg set.  Ambroise's daughters, Devina and Dresda, were 3rd and 18th place Intermediate Kids at the National show.  Devina, who was 2nd Intermediate kid and Reserve Junior Champion, teamed up with two other Ambroise daughters to win 1st place Junior Get of Sire at the OR State Fair.

Shadow Vale Farm