Sonnet, Rear Udder

As I stated last year, Sonnet is a doe who I feel will really greatly improve with age...and she is! A third freshening has seen Sonnet bloom, with more depth into the rear barrel, greater spring of rib, and much more capacity to the mammary, especially to her beautiful fore is so full and wide and goes on forever!  Sonnet is very strong and well balanced, with very correct feet and legs, lots of body capacity, both in width throughout and spring of rib. She is very smoothly blended in the front end, with a strong back, and wide rump. Sonnet’s mammary system is both pretty and productive. It has a strong overall area of attachment, with a high, very wide rear udder. She has an exceptional fore udder, both in width and extension and smoothness of blending into the rear barrel. Though I would like to see the teats placed more correctly under the udder, her udder is well supported with a strong, well defined medial.

Progeny in the herd:



Shadow Vale Farm

2nd place/2nd udder, District VII Specialty

Paternal Grand Dam:  Kovergirl

*photo courtesy of Lakeshore*

SGCH Lakeshore DP Summer Sonnet *M

Born: 4/1/12

          SS:  ++B M's Sagebrush Acres Dakota   

S:  SGCH *B J&R Spirits Dakota Playboy

          SD : SGCH J&R Spirits DK Kovergirl 2*M (EX92) 

          DS : +*B Lakeshore Farms Doctor Luke 

D : Lakeshore DL Solaris

          DD : SG Lakeshore Ace Summer Solstice 


1-03 193 1130 4.3%f 3.5%p

1-11 315 2720 4.19%f 3.31%p

2-11 281 2490m 3.8%f 3.2%p

3-11 305 3240m 3.7%f 3.3%p

Lifetime:  1127 9740m 387f 328p


Linnear Appraisal:

1-04 GP82 (++V+)

​2-04  EX90 (EVEE)

4-03 EX91 (E+EE)