Shadow Vale Farm

In general appearance, she is uphill in stature, strong and level across the topline, with near ideal set and strength to her feet and legs, tracking and standing beautifully.  In body capacity, Mamina is very mature - her size and scale is unmatched among the yearlings.  She is tall, long bodied, with great depth and spring into the rear barrel, with good extension of brisket and width and fullness in the chest.  In dairy strength, she is flat boned, feminine, and open ribbed, with a smooth, silky hide and udder texture.  Though not a "slam dunk" show-type udder, Mamina did freshen with a mammary system of good quality, being wide and capacious, and well supported in the rear, I would just like to see it placed a bit higher up into the escutcheon.  The fore udder is well extended and full and smoothly blended, and the medial is strong and well defined, offering good teat placement.

Mamina is the quintessential Lamancha...curious, kind, sweet and mischievious, all wrapped into one!

Progeny in the herd:



Linear Appraisal:

1-05  VG89 (VEEV)

2-04 VG89 (EVEV)


​1-02 215 1130m 3.5f 3.5p

2-00 317 3100m 4.02f 3.48p (in progress)

SG Goat-San Mamina


          SS:  SG ++*B Hogg's-Hideaway Chalupa
S:  Scarlet Hills Chalupa Gerard AI (EX90)
          SD:  CH Scarlet Hills Marilyn (EX91)

          DS:  Autumn-Acres My Excellence
D:  Goat-San Omite Malmane (VG86)    
          DD:  SGCH Goat-San Molalla 4*M (EX91)