Shadow Vale Farm

Show Record:


- 4 x 1st

​- 2nd, 2nd udder @ OR State Fair

- 4th place 5&6 year old, ADGA National

- 4 x Grand Champion

Linear Appraisal:

6-05  EX91  EEEE


6-01 208 2480m 83f 76p (in progress)

When people look at the goats, be it at a show or here at home, when they see Sorrento, they nearly always say "wow! that's alot of goat!".  Sorrento has just that:  tremendous eye appeal and a presence that won't be ignored.  She's a striking black and white, with such incredible body capacity, both in depth of barrel and spring of rib, but also in overall length of body.  I love the dairy strength of this doe, as she is so open ribbed, flat boned, and has such a silky hide.

With lovely shape, capacity, balance and texture, Sorrento's mammary system really excels.  Her tremendously wide rear udder has great height and arch, the fore udder is capacious, wide and snug, and she has near ideal teat placement beneath the udder.

At her first show ever, as a six year old, Sorrento easily finished her championship, going Grand Champion in all four rings!  She was 4th place 5&6 year old at the National show, and a few weeks later scored EX91, becoming our highest appraising Lamancha in the herd!  On her first milk test, she had a high test of 21.6 pounds!!  Further testimony to this doe's strength, is her ability to transmit her qualities, with her eldest milking daughter in the herd, Scirocco, appraising EX90 , with a high test of 14.2 pounds.

We are so grateful to have a doe of this caliber join the herd, and look forward to her imact for years to come!

Progeny in the herd:



Bad Attitude - 1st Place Senior Get of Sire, 2005 National

GCH Shammys Bad Sorrento *M

Born:  3/5/09

          SS:  ++*B Kastdemur's Inside Information

S:  +*B Kastdemur's Bad Attitude

          SD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Bad Habits 3*M (EX90)

          DS:  SGCH ++*B Becca's Tuscon

D:  Shammys TU Sireen (EX90)

          DD:  SG Kastdemur's Surge (EX90)