Shadow Vale Farm

Trieste - 5 years

Trieste - 4 years

I remember even long before I was "into" Lamanchas, admiring the Hogg's Hideaway does.  I loved their length, upstandingness, and angularity.  What impressed me even more, and does still to this day, is the strength of the dam line - with Chimera appraising EX91, and being National Champion twice, then Casmira appraising EX92 and being National Champion, followed up by yet another Chimera daughter, CA-Zing, appraising EX90 and being National Champion too!  I see many of this family's strengths in what Chalupa offspring I see and have seen, as well as added productivity.  When I had the opportunity to buy a proven, finished champion Chalupa daughter, I was thrilled.

Big white Trieste possesses great eye appeal, and commands your attention as you look onto the herd.  She is a very large doe, not only in stature, but also in total frame.  She is long bodied, with an exceptional rump (possibly one of the widest I have seen!), great depth of body, with a deep, open, sweeping rib.  Not surprisingly, she is extremely wide in the chest floor, deep in the heart, and full at the point of elbow.  Trieste matches her strength of body with a very desirable dairy strength as well, with openness and angularity throughout, a long lean neck, and beautiful silky hide.

Trieste's udder is never going is welded on, with beautiful rear udder height and attachment, and a smooth, full fore udder.  The udder is a pleasing shape from all angles, as are her teats, and the udder texture is soft and silky.

Bred to:  Ambroise

Due:  April

GCH RDR Chalupa's Trieste AI 2*M

Born:  4/1/10

          SS:  +B One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Taipei

S:  SG ++*B Hogg's-Hideaway Chalupa

          SD:  SGCH Hogg's-Hideaway Chimera 1*M

           DS:  GCH ++*B Becca's Hemingway

D:  GCH Becca's Tuscany 1*M (VG89)

           DD:  SGCH One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tuzla

Grand Dam:  Tuzla

Dam:  Tuscany

Linear Appraisal:

2-02  VG88 (VVVE)

5-04  EX90 (VVEE)


1-10 266 1990 3.9%f 2.9%p

3-00 238 2800 4.0%f 3.1%p

3-11  294 2570 2.92%f 3.2%p

​5-00 213 1330 47f 42p (in progress)