Shadow Vale Farm

Fusion, rear udder


- 2nd, District VII Lamancha Specialty

​- 2 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 2 x 4th

Linear Appraisal:

2015:  VG88 (VVVE)


2-11 210 1430m 56f 41p (in progress)

Sweet Fusion...such a gentle, unassuming goat.  I've really grown to appreciate her level head and her level lactation.

Stylish and incredibly structurally sound, this is a young doe that will just continue to improve with age.  She excels in front end structure and strength and set to her feet and legs.  Her udder is beautiful...well balanced, with nice capacity.  Her rear udder has lovely arch and is so smoothly blended up in the escutcheon, with strong attachments, both side and lateral. The fore udder is wide and snugly attached, and teats are near ideal in shape and diameter.

In one of the largest age classes in tough northwest competition, Fusion consistently held her own in the top part of the class.  As I predict, she'll be seeing alot more of the show ring over the years!

Grand Dam:  Acuna Matada

*photo courtesy of Crown-Hill*

Fromage - rear udder

Crown-Hill Fromage Fusion

Born:  05/03/2012

         SS:  Crown-Hill RTW Bring It On

S:  Crown-Hill BIO Beneficient

         SD:  Shammys TU Elusive

          DS:  Tempo Yagudin Razz Ma Tazz

D:  7 Cedars Razz's Hoochie Mama

          DD:  GCH 7 Cedars EX Acuna Matada 1*M