Linnear Appraisal

1-05  GP81 (++V+)

3-04  VG88 (EVEV)


1-01  286  1530  5.8%f 4.2%p

​2-00 268 1410 5.7%f 4.1%p

​2-11 303 1420m 4.9%f 4.2%p

3-11 306 1610m 82f 64p

5-00 169 1050m 45f 41p

Lifetime:  1332 7030 365 288


Burdock Goats Hollywood Tullia 1*M

Born:  3/10/12 

          SS:  Alize Kharm Personified AI

S:  Alize Hollywood Knight

          SD:  SG M's Sagebrush SS Gone Hollywood (VG86)

          DS:  SG Wingwood Farm KR Allessandro

D:  SG Wingwood Farm AD Taffy's Tanya

          DD:  SG Wingwood Farm AG Taffy

Shadow Vale Farm

Tullia continues to be one of my personal favorites, always first at the fence for a scratch and demanding a little special attention before she gets off the milk stand.  She is a low-key, easy keeping (her favorite thing to do is eat!) doe, that just happens to be “cute” too! Tullia has tremendous width in the chest and spring of rib. She is naturally strong and level over the topline and rump, and tracks on sound feet and legs as well. 

Tullia's udder has a very pleasing shape;  it is high and wide and well attached in the rear, the fore udder is wide, snugly attached, and well extended also. There is excellent division of halves with a strong medial, and the teats are well placed under the udder.

Progeny in the herd: