Shadow Vale Farm

Above:  Marius dam:  Standout Maribel (EX91)

Right:  Marius daughter:  

GCH Ranea Marius Peperina 6*M (EX90) 

*B Shadow Vale Truman

     *B des Ruhigestelle Winnemucca

*B Willow-Lane Farley

     SGCH Willow-Lane Balentine *M (EX93)

     *B Tempo Passa Elphi

Jack's Trouble *M (VG89)

     Kaboose Farm Hope

Tempo Passa Winning Effyx (VG88)

Born:  03/02/2015

          *B Vineyard View Tiber

*B Tempo Passa Eryx

          SGCH Des Ruhigestelle Elendili 8*M (EX92)

          SG +*B Des Ruhigestelle Elander

SGCH Des Ruhigestelle WinCatcher 4*M (EX92)

          SGCH Des Ruhigestelle WinSeeker 3*M (EX93)

 To have a son out of such an incredibly strong, consistent dam line (his dam is a second generation National Champion, and EX93!!) is a dream come true for any breeder, I feel.  Effyx more than fits the type that his family has set before him - he's so correct, clean and dairy, with incredible angularity and strength of feet and legs.  He's high headed with a beautiful front end too.

I so admire the dairy strength and strength of frame of his dam, and of course her beautiful mammary system, with a gorgeous rear udder and perfectly placed teats.  WinCatcher also boasts a 3900 pound record!

His sire, Eryx, is a 3/4 brother to the beautiful Eigeria in the Tempo Passa herd.  Effyx's sire, Eryx, is also a second generation carrier of the B allele for alpha S1 casein.

Linear Appraisal:

​1-04 VG88 (VEV)

+*B Companeros Legacy Marius (VG89)

Born:  3/26/2011

     +*B des Ruhigestelle Kentucky Win (EX91)

+*B des Ruhigestelle Win Legacy

     SGCH des Ruhigestelle Llyonesse 5*M (EX92)

     SG +*B Cherry Pines Stand Out (EX91)

SG Companeros Stand Out Maribel 3*M (EX91)

     SG Companeros Katsuo Mari 2*M (EX91)

Linear Appraisal:

​5-04 VG89 (VEV)

Dam of Effyx:  Wincatcher

Truman's dam, TROUBLE, above and left.

Paternal grandam, BALENTINE (EX93)