Shadow Vale Farm

*B Tempo Emmerich

Born:  4/26/2016

     SGCH *B Tempo Very Dark

*B Lone Thistle Presto

     SGCH Barnowl Abracadabra 2*M (EX91)

     ++*B Kastdemur's Tach Lach

SGCH Tempo Evianna 9*M (EX93)

'09 ADGA Reserve National Champion

'12 ADGA Res. National Champion, National Best Udder, Lamancha Total Performer

'13 ADGA National Champion, National Best Udder, Lamancha Total Performer

'15 ADGA Res. National Champion, Lamancha Total Performer

     SGCH Tempo Kristi 8*M (VG88)

Linear Appraisal:

*B Shadow Vale Balero

Born:  4/25/2016

     *B Alder*Rose Chinook (EX90)

*B Barnowl Ambroise (VG88)

     GCH Barnowl Deese de l'Amour (EX91)

     RDR Tuscan Teramo

RDR Teramo's Bali *M (EX90)

     RDR Frenzy's Jamaica


Maternal sister:  Baby Baby

Dam:  StartYourUprising, "Baby"

*B Goat-San Up in the Air (EX90)

Born:  03/08/2010

     SS:  +*B Kastdemur's Watch Yourself

S:  +*B Kastdemur's Rhone

     SD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Evian (EX91) 2*M

     DS:  +B Dagron Taipei's Toronto

D:  GCH Kastdemur's StartYourUprising 4*M (EX92)

     DD:  GCH Kastdemur's Make7Upyours (EX93) 3*M

We are so thrilled to have Up join our herd!  I spent much of the summer admiring his maternal sister, "Baby Baby" from the Goat-San herd.  I admired the doe's balance of strength and femininity with such correctness of general appearance and mammary system.  Also, having acquired an "Up" daughter in Eden last fall, I could see that this family had a definite type, as Eden also resembled her aunt Baby Baby closely...strong feet, strong back, strong head...just, strong!

Up is himself a "grand old man".  He is tall with a nice uphill run, level back, smoothly blended in the front, and very long bodied.  Following in family type, Up has excellent feet and legs and a gorgeous head.

Up's sire, Rhone, a son of 2012 ADGA National Champion Evian, has certainly made a positive impact on the breed in several influential herds here in the pacific northwest.  Rhone consistently improves udder strength, milk production, toplines and front end strength.

We feel Up has so many good traits to offer, and look forward to using him on some of our key does this fall!  

Paternal Great Grand Dam: 

SGCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M (EX91)

2012 ADGA National Champion

*photo courtesy of Kastdemur's*

Paternal Grand Dam:  Yoda

*photo courtesy of Alder*Rose*

Dam:  Deese de l'Amour

*photos courtesy of Barnowl Dairy Goats*

Barnowl Ambroise (VG88) 

Born:  04/04/14

          SS:  *B Kastdemur's On Second Thought

S:  *B Alder*Rose Chinook

          SD:  SGCH Alder*Rose Evengi Yoda *M

           DS:  GCH +*B Tempo Yagudin

D:  GCH Barnowl Deese de l'Amour (EX91)

          DD:  Barnowl Aphrodite

I absolutely love this young buck!  He is everything general appearance should be...stylish, smoothly blended, uphill, long and level, with great feet and legs.  He has incredible width between the hocks and beautiful set and angle to the rear legs when viewed from the side too.

Ambroise has great body capacity for his age and frame, with a great deal of depth and spring of rib.  He is sharp, open and angular, with great flatness of bone, lean neck, and a high, wide, open escutcheon.

We used this young man heavily last fall, and are very, very pleased with his first kids.  They are uniformly long bodied, open ribbed, and possess his same strong, wide rear leg set.  Ambroise's daughters, Devina and Dresda, were 3rd and 18th place Intermediate Kids at the National show.  Devina, who was 2nd Intermediate kid and Reserve Junior Champion, teamed up with two other Ambroise daughters to win 1st place Junior Get of Sire at the OR State Fair.

We have used Ambroise consistently again this fall, and now look

forward to seeing his first fresh daughters next year too.