Shadow Vale Farm

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2017-2018 Breeding Schedule

We accept deposits of $100.00 per kid ordered. We ask that you pick a first and second kid choice option in the event that your 1st choice is not available. If the kid is not born, or does not meet our standards of quality, your deposit may be transferred to another kid or refunded. If the kid is offered for sale and the buyer decides not to complete the purchase, the deposit will not be refunded.  We reserve the right to reserve any kid as a replacement animal for our own breeding program.

We prefer to ship kids at five to seven weeks, since at that age they are best able to adapt to a new home environment. The price of our kids includes ADGA Registration fees, and delivery to Redding or Sacramento International Airport, but does not include health certificate (required for out of state shipment), shipping crate, or shipping costs.

Our herd enjoys a high standard of health. We have a comprehensive vaccination and worming program, and we test for CAE annually. We attend every kidding and take precautions to make sure that their kids are unable to nurse. Kids are removed immediately from their dams, and raised in a separate facility. They are fed heat treated goat colostrum and raw jersey cow milk until weaning. We abide by ADGA Recommended Trade Practices as defined in the ADGA Guidebook. All kids sold will be disbudded, tattooed, and vaccinated for CD/T before leaving the farm. Coccidiosis preventative is also given to kids periodically until weaned.