Thank you for your interest in our farm.  Dairying is a way of life for us here, and it is a lifestyle that we enjoy and respect.

2014 was a year of big, big change for Todd and I.  Through careful thought and consideration, we decided to sell our farm in Castorland, NY, and Todd accepted a new, challenging job offer with Rogue Creamery in southern Oregon.  So, on May 18, we dispersed our herd of cows, and on June 1, we loaded 20 goats, 2 dogs, and ourselves into the truck and trailer, and we set off on our five day cross country journey to our new home, and the start of the next chapter in our lives!

The goats have enjoyed an increase in herd size as well, with an eye towards selling milk as a producer in 2015.  The west coast has always been home to several of my (Rob) favorite herds, so there have been wonderful opportunities to add some outstanding genetics to the herd.  The emphasis of our breeding program is placed on producing goats that are tall, long, and well balanced, who not only show and appraise well, but are highly productive milkers over a long lifetime too.  Temperament is a very important factor here, so selection is also based on animals who have an easy going, drama-free disposition.

We work from a simple management style that allows our cows and goats to produce well. It all starts with ample space and comfort. We feed free choice good quality second or third cutting grass/alfalfa hay, and the milking herds have free access to pasture. Milkers are given a daily ration of 16% dairy ration, depending on stage and volume of their lactation.  Dairy minerals and trace mineral salt blocks accent our feeding program, and regular herd vaccinations and worming rounds out our management practices. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, either through this website or by telephone.  We hope you enjoy browsing our website.

Shadow Vale Farm