White Whale Flashpoint Bertie

Born:  01/15/2015

     *B Shining-Moon X-Factor

Citheria SMXF Flashpoint

     SG Citheria NVXenith Fulcrum (EX91)

     Red Feather Odyssey Felix

Red Feather Felix Beatrice (EX90)

     Red Feather Flair Elyse

Linear Appraisal:

1-07  GP83 (++V+)

2 year old:  not appraised (fresh too late)


1-03 305 2580m 96f 72m

Tempo Aquila Idollyn 3*M

Born:  03/29/2015

     Colquitt's Dale

Sweet-Dreams Enough Said

     Sweet-Dreams BWild Cricket (EX92)

     ++*B Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack (EX91)

GCH Tempo Aquila Skippin' Free 2*M (EX92)

     SGCH Tempo Aquila Living Free *M (EX95)

      2015 National Champion & Best Udder

Linear Appraisal:

2-03 VG88 (VVEE)


1-05  123d 890m 2.68f 2.80p (in progress)

​​Redwood Hills Foxtrot Regatta

Born:  9/27/2015

     *B Tempo Aquila Freeport

*B Redwood Hills Free Foxtrot

     SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rtaed Tango *M (EX91)

     *B Redwood Hills Lance J Coltrane

​Redwood Hills Colt Royale

     SG Redwood Hills Drops of Respect 11*M (EX91)

Linear Appraisal:

​1-09 VG85 +V+V


Sweet Dreams E Fuji

Born:  03/15/2015

     GCH ++*B Sodium Oaks Seneca

*B Sweet Dreams SOS Emperor

​     GCH Sweet Dreams T Willa *M (EX92)

​     *B Redwood Hills Affrmd Buckwild

CH Sweet Dreams Bwild Camelia (EX91)

​     SGCH Sweet Dreams S Yasha *M (EX90)

Linear Appriasal:

2-03 VG87 (VEVV)



Soldier-Mtn. Giselle

Born: 03/06/2016

     ++*B Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack

*B Soldier-Mtn All Jacked Up

     Soldier-Mtn Encore Matinee

GCH Soldier-Mtn PVN Lips Don't Lie 2*M (EX90)

Soldier-Mtn CA Matinee Idol

Born: 03/05/2016

     Hoach's RHRS Kazaa Kinfolk

Soldier-Mtn Covert Action

     Soldier-Mtn Freelance Alibi

Soldier-Mtn PVN Mae West *M (EX92)

Ice Sage Gaston Gusty

Born: 04/08/2016

     Citheria SMXF Flashpoint

*B Bearly Flashpoint Gaston

     SG Bearly Tri Paris (EX92)

     SG +*B Tempo Aquila Zodiac

Ice Sage Zodiac Breeze

     Lassenwood Serge Basalie *M

Shadow Vale Erotes Blaine

Born: 03/08/2016

*B Shining-Moon Erotes Dancer

Tempo Aquila Bellrina 8*M (EX90)

Shadow Vale Erotes Icon

Born: 09/21/2016

*B Shining-Moon Erotes Dancer

Tempo Aquila Idollyn (VG88)



Idollyn's dam, Skippin' Free, EX92 (above)

and granddam, Living Free, EX95 (right)

Shadow Vale Farm